Go forth and multiply: our open source exhibition opens in two (yes two!) locations

08 September 2016

We couldn’t be happier that the Future of Fixing – the exhibition we offer as open source content for anyone to adapt and produce as they wish – will be open concurrently this autumn in both London and North Carolina.

Adapted by two very different venues with two very different themes, the first to open is in the rather fabulous Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (CCCD) in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. There the curator, Marylin Zapf, stayed roughly faithful to the original – it’s still called the Future of Fixing – but refreshed the content to reflect and explore the centre’s distinctive interests in craft and design. We’re particularly chuffed to see that CCCD’s gallery, as per the original show in Poland in 2014,  accompanies the exhibition with a maker library and a hands-on Fixshop ‘where visitors can take their fixing knowledge and put it into practice’.

Meanwhile closer to home, Thomas Ermacora and Nat Hunter have been busy hacking the exhibition to fit their interests in urban change and civic life: ‘Fix Our City is an exploration of new approaches towards the roles of citizens and maker spaces in the transformation of city life’Fix Our City will open on the 19th September as part of London Design Festival and with Machines Room’s central role in the Maker Mile they’re bringing the theme to life through a full programme of events.

Back in 2014 when Future of Fixing closed and we were dealing with offers to tour it internationally, we hoped that by making it open (by which we mean really open – everything from plans to captions to planning tools is downloadable from the wiki) we might just secure a future life for a really compelling show. In avoiding the almost immediate need to refresh content (it is about the future, which tends to happen sooner than you’d think), we could also avoid freighting it around the world, which was against many of its key messages. Worst case people could lift the tools and schedules and learn from our experience. Seeing these shows welcome visitors this year is the best return on investment we could have made.

If you’d like to know more, either about running the exhibition yourself or learning from our experiences in the world of open source/creative commons, just get in touch.

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