What we do

Creative programmes and strategic propositions

We have a track record in fresh thinking, innovative formats and new models that hold popular appeal.

How to attract and engage changing audiences is front of mind for all organisations, cultural and commercial. We’ve had critical and popular acclaim for programmes we’ve initiated, and propositions we’ve built, working with everyday names like the V&A Museum, the Design Museum, the British Council and Google. So we’re experienced enough to know there are no quick wins. 

Our deep understanding of forces which drive activity, like reaching new audiences, making the most of content, organisational goals or specific social impact, make us a solid strategic partner to think through your goals. Combine that with our curatorial flair, and commitment to creative excellence, and we like to think we’re pretty unique.

External Links

Our own Daniel Charny curated, programmed and art directed this exhibition at the V&A which clocked up 300,000 visitors – five times more than expected – and inspired a generation of makers.

We worked to help a Children’s Museum build a proposition and an approach, a name and a philosophy. The result, a model which joyfully crosses a community centre, a laboratory and a gallery, is currently going from strength to strength.

The sister site of the Central Research Laboratory accelerator and co-working space. First developed for Hayes in West London, it required a completely different approach to engage the existing creative communities in Brighton.