What we do

Learning and skills for a new generation

We create tools, formats and programmes, that motivate and inspire learners to unlock their potential and shift their horizons. 

Standing still is not an option. Our skills in engaging people with creativity and change can also be harnessed toward acquiring new skills, developing new understandings or changing perspectives.

We’ve taught and developed learning programmes in formal settings including the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts, and lectured in international institutions from Japan House to Ciduad des Artes in Mexico. We’ve dived into internal training for companies like Diageo and the National Trust, and written programmes for the British Council and Nesta. In 2012 we set up our own small learning programme, which has grown and evolved into a global ‘think and do tank’ called FixEd. 

Our award winning programmes have been internationally celebrated, referenced by Phds and noted by Nesta as best in class, putting us in a good position to advise on your learning projects. 

External Links

Fresh thinking on creative education for schools and universities

We developed tools and workshops designed to nurture Creative Leadership

We helped ‘the most famous gin in the world’s’ brand ambassadors connect to their creativity