What we do 

Smart responses to changing places

Facing uncertain futures, we’ve been speculating about cities and high streets, museums and shops, communities, work and education.

The Central Research Laboratory used to be the R&D division of EMI’s Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes. It was an awkward site without an obvious purpose, which the developers and architects had struggled to pin down.

In 2014 we were invited to explore options, to devise a space with local impact and a foot in the future, which could offer purpose and life within a wider residential development. In 2016, supported by the Mayor’s Growth Fund and Brunel University, our concept for a hardware pro-maker space became a reality.

We’ve run similar processes with commercial and cultural clients, diving deep into the future of retail, of the high street, of museums and of rural enterprise and emerging with ideas for current strategies. Our process is research driven and collaborative but ultimately creative: we don’t find the future through doing what we’ve done before.

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