We got news (letter), London Design Festival and other excitements

19 September 2016

Yes it’s only barely news that we have a newsletter, but as it comes with a new website attached, and as it’s the first of a regular quarterly communication regime we’re embarking on, just indulge us this one. Work regularly slips through the studio without fanfare and while we’re not after fanfare (necessarily, though we wouldn’t turn it down), what we’d like to see is connections between the work we’re doing and other things out there in the world. And that can’t happen unless we tell you about it! So please sign up, and let us know if you’re thinking about or doing the same things, and then let’s talk. Lovely.

And on the subject of talking, try and stop our own in-house Professor, Daniel Charny, who is talking his way through London Design Biennial and Festival. The studio has been particularly exercised by the prep for his lunchtime talk ‘Hype & Seek: making and the mainstream‘, as its allowed us to vent all our frustration and disappointment in how making is increasingly used to sell, well, anything (property, holidays, drinks, kits, kits and more kits) while ignoring many of the imperatives which brought it to the fore. We also get to re-declare ‘peak beard’ after the Guardian thought it had been reached back in 2013) and highlight once again the threat of ‘Crapt’ i.e. craft and making that, though well meaning, lacks any ambition in terms of skill or quality. Happily our recent research on the cultural roles of makerspaces has reassured us that the intersection of making and the world is a fertile place to be…