Part R&D Lab and part consultancy, we’re small, connected and serious about finding better responses to our changing world.

The old models are broken, many for very good reason; we work with our clients to give shape to creative responses, whether that’s through the creation of content or activities, new forms of organisation or operation.

We’ve helped Google to formulate possible responses to a changing high street, the Design Museum to explore how an activist museum might behave, and Dartington Estate to consider how to connect 200 small businesses to maximise their positive impact.

In recent years we’ve worked in Hong Kong and Hayes, Denmark and Dublin, Indonesia and North Carolina. We love a pressing challenge or potential partnership, get in touch if you have something in mind? 


Dee Halligan

Dee leads on Strategy. She is an experienced and skilled creative strategist and consultant, with a reputation for making sense of and finding direction within the most complex of challenges. Her unusual combination of a rational sensibility with complete commitment to creative excellence have equipped her well in past work with Tate, Science Museum and the National Trust.

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Daniel Charny

Daniel leads on Creative Direction. He is an internationally recognised curator, consultant and educator with an enquiring mind and an entrepreneurial streak. His wayward curiosity and relentless pursuit of ideas account for his unlikely level of output, including founding curator of the Aram Gallery, creative director of the international multi-site Maker Library Network and his professorial role at Kingston University.

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Carol Cole

With the kind of broad creative background we warm to – mixing Capital Radio with the National Trust – Carol supports us on administration and studio management. Carol can be reached on [email protected]

Amy Bicknell

Programmes and partners sums up Amy’s background at London Design Festival and Clerkenwell Design Week, giving her (and us) a grounding in the complex relationships which support a cities creative communities, and a handle on the mechanics of bringing them together. Amy has worked with our Learning Lab since its inception and now brings those same skills to From Now On.

Moira Lascalles

Moira has been an associate of From Now On since early days, and we’re happy to continue the association – her skills as a creative commissioner are unparalleled. Her background in cultural programming, and specifically the conversation between public art, architecture and engagement is a tight complement to From Now On,  all the more so as programming is recognised as a powerful tool to catalyse community. 

Nat Hunter

A regular and valued collaborator, Nat has a deep understanding of all things related to circular economy and how design and innovation can be used to respond to a changing world. As ever we love a mix of strategy and hands on graft, and Nat demonstrates this to the hilt in her past roles as Director of Design at the RSA, and running of Machines Room makerspace.

Dominique Phillips

Dominique is a studio associate and our go to person on all things retail related. Her ability to draw on technical, operational and production experience, and roles as client and commissioner for iconic retail brands like Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason, grounds our creative and strategic exploration of emerging and alternative high street formats. No we don’t know what the future of retail looks like, but with Dominique’s help our contribution to that conversation is intelligent and informed.

Koby Barhad

Koby collaborates on all of our visual work, from illustrations and infographics to exhibition graphics. His work as a speculative designer, tutor and researcher means he works beyond the boundaries of graphics, and we benefit from his critical thinking and communications nous.

From Now On alumni

Our team through the years now work with some of the foremost creative and cultural organisations in the world. Each has contributed to our knowledge and methods, and like boomerangs they’re always coming back! Among these former colleagues are Justine Boussard, Tom WilsonJohanna Agerman RossDevorah Moritz, Alon Meron, Putri Trisulo, Kendall Robbins, Emily Ballard, Grace Bremner, Silvia Carletti, Sophia Germani and Stuart Bannocks


Our side hustle has become quite a thing, to the degree that we now have our own in-house R&D Lab, working on formats for engagement and learning in the context of creative education and a changing world. FixEd is our own ‘think and do tank’ concerned with equipping young people with creative skills; we train teachers, run workshops and programmes and increasingly contribute to global research networks. It now stands on its own 2 feet, but continues to provide rich insight and experience to inform all our projects.